Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paul Bunyan State Forest Grouse Hunting

Tom and Tom and I enjoyed some North woods time last weekend having a perfectly wonderful time getting skunked while grouse hunting.  We saw  a fair number of birds, but they warily flushed far out of range.

Always great to walk in the woods this time of year where the dropped leaves unveil unexpected rewards like this twisty, blazing fungi.

 Weather was overcast and threatening rain while we spent time walking the woods on Friday and Saturday.  We stayed dry and enjoyed the hospitality at Tom's cabin.  His daughters aged 9 and 11 kept us entertained with handstands and giggles.
 A couple of years ago I helped move this vintage outhouse to its current location.  Seat warms up nicely after a few seconds.  I was hoping to shoot some black powder, but things became too soggy.  The gun was fun to look at in the tent anyway.
 Sunday's weather changed frosting my tent with a layer of snow.  The cold and a new sleeping bag which kept me warm on three cold wet nights has me me excited for weather to come.  
Even managed to put in the boat, dock and boat lift while visiting.  No need for grousing on this trip.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Tour 2013: Bikes, Food and Rain

 Steve's Gunnar looking at the rear end of my Long Haul Trucker.
 Jared's Salsa ready to take on anything.  Wins prettiest bike of the weekend.

Sean's Cannondale CycleX with Nob Trailer
 My Surly in the sumac.
 carnage and beans
 carnage and fire
 The wet ride home
 Q riding the single speed Surly Cross-Check like a Train.
A great trip; so glad we didn't let wet weather dissuade us.  Minneapolis to Carver Park 57ish miles round trip.  Lunch at Maynards in Excelsior, groceries in Victoria.  While in camp we shot sling shots grilled and hung out.  Q made us "mix tapes" or almost 39 gigs, and Sean had trouble with his zipper.  Very wet on the ride back.  10 miles into the return breakfast at McDonald's hit the was perfect.  I ended each day wanting more riding which is a hallmark of a brilliant trip.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bike's all geared up for 2013 Fall Tour

Lots of packing considerations with rain threatening.  Waterproof or waterproofed bags all around.  Dose of wet lube on the chain.  Rain gear positioned for easy access.  Looking for a great ride from Minneapolis to Carver Park.  Movie and book ready on my phone if extended tent time is prudent.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Bike on

Here's the LHT on

No whinging about it not being a drive side photo.  Left sides deserve press too.  I can't post a picture so you have to follow the link

Claire and Harris kids on the same rock.  Look how small they are.  I like their bikes too.

Link to original blog post on the trip.