Saturday, December 22, 2012

River Bottoms Lunch and Tea

 Jared and I met at 11:20 to ride some snow.  We packed a stove and some food to practice using gear.

 We rode from 35w bridge to the Cedar bridge where we stopped for a lunch of Chinese green tea, mash potatoes and tuna, simple and tasty. 
 I like the way the flame is mocking the branch behind the stove.

Bright sun, low winds and mid 20's temps made for a pleasant outing.
 Both my Pugsley above and Jared's Moonlander performed flawlessly.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Go Claire!

Claire skied a good meet today.  She worked hard and placed third for our team in a varsity classic ski race.
 It's really fun having her on my team.  Looking forward to Harris skiing with us next year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Late Night Snowshoe

I'm loving having snow!  Skied with my team after school today but wanted more of the 37 degree weather.
It was a busy night at home with the piano teacher over for a lesson, a late dinner and sausage making scheduled.
 Drove over to Salem Hills which has become my evening nature fix destination.
 Had the whole park to myself, turned off the headlamp and walked the trails.  I paid attention to the sky, as the Geminid Meteor Shower is on.  Didn't get my wish . 
I wanted to spend some time on my snowshoes in preparation for a trip at the end of the year.  Snowshoes worked well, but next time I'll ride the fat bike.  A couple of prior people on snowshoes had gone over the trail .  I think it would have been ride-able tonight.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Freewheel's Winter Bike Expo 2012

Great fun at the Winter Bike Expo again this year;  A friendly face hooked me up with a new Surly Krumpus to get dirty. Relaxed and knowledgeable staff schooled me on lighting a fire in water, on studding a tire and on importance of Anti-Seize's sacrificial anodes which prevent galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals.  Oh yeah, they gave me a free mug too.
Karl Stoerzinger showing studded tires, wheel guts and a better way to patch a tube. 
(If your the employee with an orange Troll, ask about Karl's knife and your bike.)
Yup, he built a fire in a puddle.  Don Clark presented on winter bike packing/camping and shared an inspiring slide presentation on a trip to the frozen North.
Part of Pete Hamer's talk on winterizing your bike.  The slide shows different chain materials response to caustic elements, technical and fun information.  Who knew about the dangers of grease incompatibility?
Krumpus rider heading away from the ramp I was too scared to go over.  
780mm Wammy Bars put almost 31" of leverage into the Krumpus' steering.  I need to rethink my hacksaw happy tendencies regarding handle bars.  
Pogies and a disco ball, perfect
Pugsley frames lead to a happy face.  
Loads of different riders being eagarly handed bikes. 
Again, I appreciate the casual and approachable attitudes of Freewheel staff, vendors and presenters.  I'll be back next year.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Few Images from Global Fatbike Day

 Jared and I took part in the Global Fatbike Day ride in Minneapolis today.  I have never seen 100 fat tires all in one place before.  We left from Minnehaha Park, rolled through Fort Snelling, crossed the river, dropped down to Sibley House, Cruised trails under 495 until we crossed the Cedar Bridge.  Once over the bridge we hugged the river until the 35W bridge.  The hammerhead's continued to Bloomington Ferry Bridge, but we turned back.  24.5 mile of fun with the bonus of riding some new trails.
Homemade bamboo fatie
 Rest stop after a stream crossing
 Hanging out at the Cedar Bridge.
 Puglsey along the new to me trail linking Cedar Bridge to 35WBridge 

 Creek crossing
 Notice the front fender I made this morning. It worked well.

As we were gathering to ride.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Night time roll around Salem Hills

Took off a little before 9pm for a Pugsley ride.  Round trip from home with one complete loop with an extra spin around the little loop is 10 miles on the nose.  Takes a bit over an hour.  One limiting factor on my speed is my ability to see.  I picked up an old NightRider helmet light from Craigslist.  Its 10 watts of power work, but are a limiting factor on my rides.

 I see about a 3' circle of light 20' feet in front of me as I roll the trail.  I'm forced to keep my eyes out in front of me.  I then let my body remember what I need to do ala zen.
 I have a Magicshine SSC-P7 1200 lumen light on the way.  These are supposed to be a good value at $57. Have to wait and see I guess.  My light is currently in Singapore.  Free shipping from China in 14-40 days.  I'm hoping for 14.
The light comes with handle bar mount and with a headlamp strap.  I hope to use it on some night ski runs as well.  This is very similar to Jared's light which has worked well for him.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Utility from the Utility Trailer

 My ski team's snowmobile needed some love, as gasoline was pouring out of the air intake.  Diagnosed as a faulty carb-jet sending fuel into a system vent line.  Thus, needed to haul the sled to be repaired.
Jared's trailer, on permanent loan, is used for hauling bikes and various other schlepping duties during most of the year.  A trip to the lumber yard adds another season of use.  It will now haul a snowmobile.  
Summer mode bike hauler  below.  It's fun to make things.

Friday, November 9, 2012

First bike ride: It's Good to have a Harris.

Stumbled on this short video today.  I hope my son remembers this milestone.  I still remember my first solo ride from  60's.  Four at the time.  He is eleven now.
 First Ride Summer of 06
 Touring Last Summer
 Mt. Biking This Month

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Minnesota River Fat Bike Ride + Deer

Rode east from Old Bloomington Ferry Bridge to the creek with some extra time I had this afternoon.

I saw several deer including this big buck, 8-point, on my out trip.  Saw  him  again while returning.  I was able to get ahead of him and hide Pugsley and me behind a tree.  This gave me enough time to use my cell phone to get some grainy photos.  I was about twenty yards away when I took this photo.  The first time I saw this impressive guy we just looked at each other from about ten yards away.  Our gaze was long enough for me to wonder if bucks ever charged potential threats.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sid, Johnny and Pugsley

Cruised to Salem Hills for a solo trail run tonight after dark.  Never Mind the Bullocks powered my ride.  Hearing the Pistols transports me back to my mid teens, hanging with my older brother listening to dangerous music.  Likewise, the Pugsley brings me back to riding the trails around Gooseberry Park in Moorhead, MN trying to catch air on my stingray.  Still have a visible scar from where the grip-less bar end dug into my abdomen. Good memories leave marks.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Feet

Oboz Sawtooth mid-height hiking boots are lightweight, waterproof and well-suited for light hiking in all seasons and conditions.

  • Rugged nubuck leather uppers feature breathable nylon mesh panels for a comfortable fit right out of the box; rubber toe randing protects against abrasion
  • B-DRY™ waterproof, breathable membranes keep the elements out so your feet stay comfortable
  • Nylon mesh linings wick moisture, dry quickly and further enhance breathability
  • Anatomic EVA footbeds and dual-density EVA midsoles provide cushioning over a long day of hiking
  • Nylon shanks offer torsional stability and protection underfoot, increasing surefootedness on varied terrain
  • Injection-molded heel counters lock feet in to deliver technical yet nimble performance
  • Aggressively lugged outsoles utilize a durable, sticky rubber for exceptional grip in all directions on both wet and dry surfaces