Friday, July 30, 2010

beer, bike, sex, nude, vintage

This post is a shameless attempt to use key words to bump my blog views up over a 1,000 for the month. I'm at 969. Ironically searching beer, bike, nude and vintage netted me this picture. My brother just hung it on the wall at his house.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Anyone interested? I rode by the studio today, and wondered if the show was happening again. I guess so.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Tour with Harris

Harris carried all of his gear, including stuffed animals, down the trail.
We traveled just under 20 miles each day.

Of course we chose the stud route. I did have to explain what a stud was to the boy.

Jiffy Pop mastered.

We enjoyed camping, swimming and hanging out before heading home.

Somali Goat Starts Anderson Tour

Harris and I arrived in Wilmar needing food before we headed out on the trail. Knowing that Wilmar has a large Somali immigrant population, we decided to try Somali food. Asking a group of Somali men on the street brought us t0 Bihi's Shop of African Food. As we walked in the door the place was almost empty. Every seat seemed to have the same tear running through the middle of the aged vinyl cover. It was old, run-down, and not very clean. We learned that the bathroom was out of order, so we were invited to the kitchen to wash our hands with an empty soap dispenser. We ordered without the aid of a menu. I had no idea what we were getting or how much it was costing.

This photo is a close approximation of what showed up. The goat and rice were incredible. Harris and I dug in, but couldn't eat all of what we were given. I asked a woman coming out of the kitchen if she was the cook, and complimented her on her goat especially. She perked up and said that goat was only as good as the cook. She proceeded to bring us a freshly cooked piece of chicken that was equally tasty. Our bill including food, bottled water and a banana was $8.

I learned that business was slow because of an event at the mosque. The kitchen was busy preparing a buffet for when everyone showed up a bit later. I'm glad I didn't judge this place too quickly. I'm also proud to have a son who thinks it's cool to load up on goat before a long ride.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Small Victories Fire Me UP

I feel like a champion today. My 98 Camry's ignition lock cylinder has been slowly dying for a year. It finally got to the point where I would have to try turning the key 50 time or more before the mechanism would rotate and fire the engine.

I purchased the Chilton Repair manual and saw internet sites saying that I had to take off the steering wheel and other complex procedures. Other web pages said that you just pull of some panels turn the key to ACC and push a magic button.

I decided to buy the part and try. I figured the worst I would do is start the job for the qualified mechanic. 15 minutes later, I had the old cylinder out and the new one in. But, the car wouldn't start because the new keys didn't have the transponder chip in them. A call to a local locksmith solved the problem. he told me to bring the new lock cylinder over, and he would key it to my old keys. A little over an hour later that included a bike ride to to the locksmith, his work time and re-installation my cars done.

$130 in parts and $20 for the not useful repair manual saved me at least $200. More importantly, it's good to fix things myself.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Girls' Bike Trip III

We left the on the Girls' Bike Trip III Saturday morning after a slow start. Gear organization, family obligations and work had us leaving after 9am instead of our targeted 8am. No worries, we rolled with it heading from St. Paul to the Wilmar, MN trail head of the Glacial Lakes State Trail. We rode on the trail north through Spicer and New London where we headed west to Sibley State Park. Temperature forecasts were for 90 plus with high humidity and a 70% chance of thunderstorms including predicted severe weather.

The trip was full of unexpected good luck. Starting with the purchase of fresh, hot tortillas from a grocery store in Wilmar. Sat. was warm and humid, but clouds and a firm tail-wind kept us moving in comfort. We were able to get to camp, be set up and go for a swim before bad weather hit. We moved out of the lake because of lightning and waited out the storm by the park gift shop. We watched a wall cloud and the storm come across the lake whipping up rain, waves and 60mph winds, way more cool than scary.

After the storm past we swam again then headed to camp for Jiffypop. We had a bit more rain during our smore course, but were undaunted because of good rain gear. By the time we went to sleep we were able to point out the big and little dipper along with the North star to the girls.

Sunday morning we broke camp with only a few leftover rain drops falling from the trees. Breakfast was corned beef hash and eggs eaten in our tortillas. We used John's Aeropress for and outstanding cup of camp coffee.

Sunday we benefited from a tailwind on the cool side of the weather front. We rolled along to Spicer where we found the local fire department was having an open house along with pancake and sausage fundraiser. We climbed on firetrucks and ate more than we needed to.

We finished our ride and headed for home after a side trip for more tortillas. The girls', and dads too, did a great job on this fun outing.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Long Haul Trucker Decals.

My Long Haul Trucker's decals have been falling off lately. This sort of bummed me out, so I contacted Surly. Here's how they have handled the issue in less than 18 hours.

I sent:
Surly People, My 2009, Truckaccino, LHT makes me happy every time I ride it. While I value the no-frills quality of the bike, I was disappointed to see that my decals are falling off when I ride it in the rain. I've owned lots of bikes over the years; this is the first time I've had this issue. Any idea why this is happening? Any chance you can hook me up with another set of decals with better adherence?
Surly Replied:
Our decals are finicky to say the least, the reason they peel so easily on some frames is unknown to me. My Steamroller, for instance, is about 7 years old and the decals are incredibly tenacious. We put our decals over the powder coat and do not clear coat, for some this is choice because they wanted a bike with no decals in the first place, well to others like yourself it is a bummer. I will will gladly supply you with another set if you would kindly provide me with your address and decal color you need (black or white).

I Replied:
Thanks for the quick response. My decals are black, and my mailing address is XXXXXXX
Surly Replied:
Decal set on the way. Please follow the attached instructions for step by step removal and installations.

I do like the idea of going sans decal. I'm thinking I will keep the new decal set for a later date. Way to go Surly; how refreshing to have a problem solved quickly and easily.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bicycle Film Festival

Iplan on hitting the Thursday BFF festivities. Planning to go bike camping with Claire the other days. Anyone interested?

Lifted this from Capricorn Handmade Steel Bicycles Blog, "*Bike Night The Minneapolis Institute of Arts will have a Capricorn on display (albeit for only an evening) on July 15th as part of their annual "Bike Night." Having spent more than my fair share at the MIA in my days as an art student, I'm very much looking forward to the privilege of showing my work in this august public forum."

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank Q

I'm back on line at home. Still ferreting out a few computer issues, but it's good to be connected again.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Blog Down!

My computer is down with a virus, thus, I would like to wish ill fortune on all virus writers, bike thieves, vandals and other criminals.