Saturday, October 4, 2008

HikeaBike with Jared

Perfect fall day for a ride with intermittent forays into the woods. Finding turkey feathers, assorted poo, wild grapes and other curiosities, we biked, hiked and jumped a creek. I felt like a little kid exploring.

Jared's Salsa La Cruz shined and my old Fuji twinkled a bit too. Good weather, good bikes and good times. Baked squash, pea and beef barley soup for lunch felt right.


Jared said...

I could not have described our day better. I am curious about the first pic in your post. Your photo capture of a Bluff Creek Manatee is impressive. At the time I thought you were taking a pic of me.

Heath said...

The Bluff Creek Manatee is being sighted more often in the Southwest Metro. Some researchers have linked these increased sightings in a symbiotic relationship with the American mountain lion.