Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fast bike in Battle Mountain Nevada

During the Christmas of 1981, while on a family trip our motorhome burst into flames in Battle Mountain Nevada just after filling both gas and propane. We thought it was going to blow! Troy, my older brother, had to bail-out quickly. I still laugh when I remember seeing him stand watching the action in his underwear. Just minutes before the fire started my mother told him to put some pants on in case of an emergency.

Anyway my last post about a fast bike sent me searching for video on the subject. I stumbled on this. It seems to contradict my speedy Schwinn post?

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Jared said...

Heath if you are confused it is in bike speed records for drafting and non drafting bikes. the fastest nondrafting bike record is held by Sam Whittingham. The record for the 200 m flying start (single rider)is 132.5 km/h (82.33 mph) and was set on 9-18-2008. I think that the last drafting record was set by John Howard on July, 20 1985. In doing so, Howard was able to accelerate to an incredible 152.2 mph. I am pretty sure that around 1900 people put boards between rail tracks and drafted trains up to 100mph but don't have the will to look that up.