Monday, January 18, 2010

My Commute to School

I posted this map of my commute mainly as a way of learning how to trace a route using Google Earth and save it to the blog. Very easy. Click on the little ruler at the top of the page, plot out the route, click file/save, save as an image. This image can then be posted to a blog.

Click the map for a better view.

Sadly, I've not been commuting as much as I would like. I only made one ride all last week, I was all ready to ride tomorrow, but realized I needed to bring a snow shovel to do some work on my ski course. I've ridden with bulkier items, but it put me over the top.

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Jannet Mathews said...

Nice work on the map! It would really be splendid to post online so friends could see. So, how many blocks away to school? And since you mentioned it, have you tried skiing to school? That should be fun!