Sunday, April 25, 2010

Iron Family

Way to go family! We completed the 30 mile Iron Man ride earlier today, despite some pouring rain, challenging hills, strong winds and a crash.

While some may think this is not such an accomplishment, I am very proud of my family. Harris rode his 24" wheeled Caliente with a limited gear range. He refused to walk up any of the steep hills; instead he stood-up and hammered. To do something this hard for over three hours is an impressive feat for an 8-yr-old.

Claire took a fairly big crash on her 13" Trek 930. Hitting the asphalt knocked her front wheel and handlebars out of alignment and ripped up part of her pants. She literally bounced up saying, "I'm ok." She struggled for a few mile portion of the ride, but finished the last 12 miles strong after the final rest break.

Ling-Hui trooped through adverse conditions on her 13" Trek 930 without complaint. She has not been on her bike for some time causing distress to both her knee and butt. Further, She rode much of the last portion with a low front tire adding to her work. Most importantly Ling-Hui did a great job of not being too motherly, and made sure we had plenty of good snacks.

While the ride itself was relatively simple for me on the Long Haul Trucker, I take pride in being able to have quality bikes prepared, proper gear arranged and my family in the ride spirit to do such an undertaking.

The pictures are of Claire, Harris and a neighbor girl showing off their hard-earned t-shirts.


Jared said...

Ella saw your ride pics and story and got super proud of Harris and Claire for riding so far. She also said she wants to go on a bike camping trip with your family. But she thinks she can only ride a couple of miles not the monster 30 mega miles your kids did. Way to go Claire and Harris....and Ling Hui. I know I couldn't have done it.

queasyfish said...

Heavy bikes of lead
Snob-snubbed victims of Nu-Fred
Pedaling as fast as they can
Iron Fam lives again!

Heath said...

Lots of heavy, middle-aged guys on Nu-Trek Madones too. Nu-Fred or not they road more than you.

Why criticize the accomplishments of others? There was great biking at this event. Nashbar yellow or not thousands of people enjoyed just riding their bikes. Riding is a good thing.

queasyfish said...

Damn, I knew you wouldn't get it.

For starters this is a play on the lyric from the uber-famous Black Sabbath song "Iron Man" - I'm surprised even your non-heavy-rock loving ass didn't catch that. I thought it was darn clever. :)

And for finishers, all of the lyrics are about your family, not the other riders. Heavy bikes (forgettable make and model provided to contrast with generic "neighbor girl" human being), made fun of by snobby dentist types (no?, ok, it fit the rhyme), (but) riding as well as you possibly can, Go! Iron family!

That's what it means. And what it says.

wait a minute, are you saying I'm fat?

queasyfish said...

I was just trying to cleverly say; you guys rock.