Friday, August 20, 2010

A Good Wipe-Out

A friend of mine crashed her mid 70's Fuji damaging this stately, orange fork. While it was too bent for riding, I imagined another use. I think I got the idea from Cars-R-Coffins.
A length of old seat-post shaft filled with a drilled-out dowel makes for a smooth stream of soft goodness.
Please note the quick release for rapid refills and the Holiday Inn fold on the tissues' loose end. Form, function style and comfort in one elegant machine. Wipe-out to wipe-out; bum fork to bum fork; Yin/Yang for your Yin/Yang.

I'll attach the fork to the chain rings with threaded headset spacers tightened against each other.

Prolly IS Not Probably posted this other fine piece of utilitarian shop art. Anyone have an old frame with comfortable saddle they want to donate?

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