Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bow Fishing With Steve

A friend, Steve, called on Fiday night offering me a chance to try bow fishing on Saturday morning. I needed to decline the invitation so I could fulfill fatherly obligations, Chinese and soccer. I love my children, but longed to use a reel and fishing arrow I ordered a couple of months ago. I'd shot with this gear a few times in the back yard; no fish, just dirt and strange looks from neighbors.

When I heard Steve was thinking of going again on Sunday morning, I called. We had a great morning standing beside a bridge on and outlet of Medicine Lake.

I saw fish right away and shot shooting well over the fish like the rookie I was. I knew about refraction making the fish look farther than they are, but couldn't get my excited self to add brain to my instinctive shooting. Missed a few more, but then took my time to line up the shot and consciously aim low. Hit a bowfin right in the center. Bowfins are mean predator fish that have been around since dinosaurs. Badass, mean looking fish that will intentionally try to bite you . I, however, was not the one bitten. Tasty.

The next arrow aimed at a large carp. A long shot in deeper water hit the fish top center. Turns out a 25 lb fish can put up a good fight with an arrow in his back.

The pictures are of the big carp and bowfin I shot and of the carp Steve shot. I fried up the smaller carp with the bowfin, delicious. What a fun morning. After a day of shooting and eating rough fish, I think I'll go see if NASCAR is on.


Jared said...

Nice write up. Q's turn at the bridge.

SeanH said...

Is that the spot you guys pointed out when we were heading to Watertown?

Heath said...

It is. Happy fish and camping thoughts today.

queasyfish said...

Hey! - thanks for not inviting me both days.

Heath said...

Q, you're always invited.