Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bike Camping with Harris and Frogs.

Harris and I hung-out on an overnight bike camping trip on the Sakatah Trail. 30 mile round trip to Sakatah Lake State Park.

His 13" frame Trek 930 works well for him. I put a seat post clamp/rack mount ( see pictue below) and made rack stays out of stock aluminum. It took a while to figure out how to get a full size rack on such a small frame, but once I did, $15 and 1/2 hour labor set him up to carry his own gear.
The Trail head before our departure. My LHT and the boy in plaid against bricks.

Relaxing in camp having some Jiffy-Pop around the fire. Great night!

After dark we enjoy looking around lights for tree frogs taking advantage of insects drawn near. If you expand this picture our Gray tree frog has some legs sticking out of his mouth.

We saw this guy, I think a great plains toad, just as we were leaving camp.

It rained for several hours while we were sleeping. The rain stopped by the time we got up, but wore rain jackets because of dripping from the canopy of leaves above us. Harris and I value these times together.


queasyfish said...

You're my dad-hero.

Darryl said...

Harrison Frogs... that ought to be a character in a young adult fiction series.

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