Monday, January 16, 2012

Overnight trip to Afton

My brother, Jared, and I decided around noon Sunday to camp-out for the night. We loaded up and headed toward Afton. Stopped at a bar to watch the Packers lose to the Giants. We weren't in Wisconsin, but you can see it across the St. Croix River in the picture below.

The River is iced up with little snow covering it.
Likewise, little snow for ground cover. Couldn't use a snow-stake or pound regular pegs in the frozen earth. Made do with a chunk of firewood.
Spent the evening sitting around the fire. Temp. in the mid 20's with a bit of a breeze.
Packed up and headed home. Not very eventful, but sure glad I got out anyway. It's good to be at a point in my gear and knowledge, where I can quickly throw my kit together and be warm and comfortable on a January, Minnesota night.

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SeanH said...

Except Sunday was more like a March night