Saturday, March 10, 2012

Minneapolis Ride

Jared and I took advantage of the 66F weather to do an Urban ride. We met by the closed Sabo Bridge and headed east on the Greenway. Then headed north on River Road. Walked across this RR bridge sans tracks and railings; very cool

Bikes on the Stone Arch Bridge; Jared's carbon LeMond single speed and my heavily geared steel Long Haul Trucker

We had lunch at One on One, cream of mushroom soup with bread.

Here's a map of our route from my phone's Cardio Trainer app. Lots of stops and good fun.


Anonymous said...

what cardio app is that? thanks.

Anonymous said...

It looks like "Cardio Trainer" by Noom, inc

Heath said...

#2 nailed it "Cardio Trainer" by Noom, inc