Monday, June 4, 2012

Today's Rides

I've been getting to know Jared's Pugsley, and have been making some minor adjustments to its fit.  I did two laps of Salem Hills Park.  My lower back hurt on the first lap.  I moved the seat forward about 1/2" and rotated the Ergo grips down about 10 degrees.  This made a huge difference.  My second lap was more comfortable and slightly faster despite being tired.

 Later I went for a road bike ride.  Felt good, and broke my record by about a minute.  Seems small, but I needed to stand up and work hard on the hills.
I feel like I'm getting in better riding shape.  Being able to spend time everyday has been wonderful.  I appreciate my family's willingness to pick up my slack around the house.


Jared said...

Sure had to one..I mean two up my ride post.

Heath said...

You covered almost the same number of miles with a loaded fat bike. I feel the lesser man.