Saturday, July 14, 2012

More on Afton, July 11 -12.

 Here's a picture of my loaded bike.  Seemed like I traveled pretty light, but had all of my regular gear except for stove and bulky clothing.  We left late on Wed. and return early on Thurs.


Started rolling East to the park about 6pm.  Stopped at a butcher shop along the way for some sausage and eggs for breakfast.  My Long Haul Trucker above and my friend John's 1984 Trek 520 below.  Note his cooler and camp chair on the front rack.

 John and I often stand in the alley on warm summer nights and say, "it would be a good night to be camping."  Instead we arrange it so it was a nice night to be camping.  Arrive in camp, pitched tents, went for a swim in the St.Croix River, had ramen and instant mashed potatoes for a late supper followed by a night around the camp fire.  A group of coyotes howling reminded me we were out of the city.

4G coverage and a little phone Netflix in the tent just before bed reminded me of why I like modern things.   Eggs, sausage, granola bars and home roasted Aeropress coffee out of my bowl, forgot my cup, woke us up for our return ride.  I was up before my 5:30am alarm, but we didn't make it out of camp until 7am.
I took the video on the ride to the park.  Lots of corn.  The developed ears with browning tassels helped me appreciate this very quick summer trip.

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Let's hear it for old Treks!