Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tonight I Quit Complaining About the Weather and Enjoyed It Instead

I spent a good portion of the day sitting around looking at the sleet wishing for better weather.  Then I had a conversation with Jared, who had been out collecting maple sap today.  He talked about how he enjoyed being out and comfortable in his quality gear.  He was right.  I needed to just go have fun.

 I took the fat bike out and road some trails.  Lots of snow and slush, but the ground is still mostly frozen so even the muddy looking areas were more wet than soft and muddy. My gear worked great.  Waterproof breathable pants from REI, and my Oboz Sawtooth boots kept me warm and dry.
I found this turtle shell sitting on top of the snow.  I rode and entertained myself thinking up senarios for how it got there on top of the snow with only my tracks around.  Did an eagle drop it?  Fox fling it?  When did it die?  Winter kill or did a predator dig it up from it's nesting mud?  I had a wonderful ride and as always glad I put my gear on and went out.

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