Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Minnesota River Bottoms Wade-a-bike.

Went for a short ride tonight as the sun was getting ready to set.  I heard the river was too high to go west from 35W, so I headed east trying to stay higher up on the trails.  I, however, kept ending up in peoples back yards.  I did find a historic site with a tepee and a wigwam.  Not wanting  to be lost in the dark, I headed to the west side of the bridge to try it.

I needed to ride/wade through three sections flooded with knee deep water.  Made it to the functioning raft at Nine Mile Creek then headed for home.  Great fun exploring.


Jared said...

You are not at Lebanon Hills I can see.

Becca said...

Hey Heath,

We recently moved to south Bloomington and can access these trails from our backyard. Love being able to bike and walk down there with the kids. I'll keep my eyes open, it would be fun to run into you don there sometime!