Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Minnesota River Ride "Four Bridges"

I hadn't ridden the river bottoms for some time; ended up wading on the previous two outings in the area. Other than a few soggy spots the trail has dried up nicely with some long sections of sand traps that make it a good trail for fat tires.
I started from Sibley House with the goal of reaching the 35W.  I thought of this ride as the "Four Bridges" ride as the route passes under the 55, 494, Cedar, and 35W bridges.
Here's the Cedar Bridge.   Below is the map of my ride.  You will see that tangles of brush, disappearing trail and darkness turned me around before my goal.  Hence, I made a spur visit to the Old Cedar Bridge to still make four bridges.  I rode out before dark and  returned with headlights making an out and back course seem like a loop.  

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