Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thanks Jerks!

On July 7th I posted the following along with a pictue of my tool ladden bike. The next day my bike was ban from going in any school building. Oh yeah, I fixed the bikes and tricycles our special needs students use too. Helping kids got me noticed, and busted:

Ive been teaching summer school and noticing that many of the student have bikes in unsafe and unsavory condition. I saw one student walking her bike to school. She had two flat tires, no brakes a red chain and formerly attached cables wrapped around her bike to keep them from being tangled in the moving parts that still move and the stationary parts that move too.I spent some time after school with my mobile repair station servicing their bikes. It was fun for both the kids and me. I remember being a kid whose flat tire would keep me off my bike for weeks.I would like these kids to ride and enjoy biking.