Friday, June 12, 2009

First Tour of the Year.

The trip to William O'Brien was just under 40 miles each way. Hills and a headwind made it feel farther. The Fuji spun in every gear from granny on up. I have a 12-32 spread on the cassette and a 48/38/26 triple on the front.

I rode from home to the Gateway Trail end. Then I weaved through a series of county roads to the park. No flats or mechanical problems. I did have one baby crash. I pulled over on a narrow bridge because I was lost. With my right foot clicked out of the pedal, I pulled up to the curb without thinking about my front pannier. It brushed the curb and dumped me over to the left. I couldn't click out and tipped over. I'm glad no car was coming, or I would have been dead. Instead I was just embarrassed.

The trip was hard work, and rewarding. At camp I took a nap, made some food and coffee, read and sat by the fire.

A big snowman near the trail.

A self-portrait in camp. Note the hat; it was cool.

I forgot my coffee cup so had to improvise a coffee making system. I enjoyed several hot bowls of brew.

My tent was in a secluded spot. The single tent has been a worthwhile investment.

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queasyfish said...

Looks and sounds fun man. I rode my desk chair for hours today and drove home on the freeway.