Friday, August 7, 2009


Here is my version of Q's bike trailer. Building the additional frame out of treated wood, I'll stain it black later, proved to be fairly simple and ridiculously strong. I have four points where carriage bolts attach it to the metal trailer frame. Using 2x6 lumber allows me to move my fork clamps to multiple positions on the wooden frame to accommodate a variety of bike styles and sizes. The bikes in the picture have 24", 26" and 700C wheels. Notice the offset fork mounts in the bottom photo. I have a simple design in mind to make attachment points for the front wheels.

The bikemobile will make it possible to bring both bikes and camping gear on family outings in the Camry or Civic.

Here's another bike mobile just for fun.


Jared said...

Nice build.

queasyfish said...

Wow - 2x6s - I bet that is pretty freakin' strong. So give us a hint: what's the front wheel-mount idea?

Heath said...

Two front wheel ideas. One an F shaped piece that will mount on the front of the trailer, slip between the spokes and connect to the skewers.

The second is to attach forks and mount a wheel on both sides of it. This fork could be off and old bike or costum made.

Do you know anyone with a welder?