Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black and Blue 2010 Surly Long Haul Trucker

As you know from my last posts I'm excited, maybe too much so, about buying a touring specific bike. After test riding the LHT, I find it hard to ride my old bike.

The current models of LHTs are fairly well sold out, so I'm wondering about next years model. I decided to just email Surly to see if they'd respond.

I'm pleased to report that all my questions were answered in a professional and timely way. Way to go, Surly!

I sent:
I'm a Twin Cities commuter and tourer who is looking to purchase a 2010 LHTs. When will they be out? Any hint on the colors? I saw a "Park Tool Blue" one in a Eurobike 09 image; not sure that's the color for me. What's with the smaller wheels?

They responded after one business day:

"Our new colors and whatnot will be available around December or January. We do have a new blue for the LHT and black will be available as well. The olive and truckaccino will be discontinued.

26” wheels will be an option on the larger sizes – you’ll chose either a 700c frame or a 26” wheel frame. Both have advantages – the 26” wheels are inherently stronger and have a greater availability for tires and tubes outside the US.

Surly Bikes


Jared said...

All right now I am officially excited for you too.

queasyfish said...

So I assume that waiting means you are getting blue, because no doubt black is available now.

...or is it just Anderson hesitancy/guilt/wei-wu-wei?

Heath said...

Black is a new color that will be out next year. It's not available now.

... or is it just Q over confidence/ know-it-all/cocky?

queasyfish said...

ouch. So is black it?

Dave M in MD said...

Re: Black LHT
I also emailed Surly in October and asked about the rumors of a black paint job. Here's the answer:

"At this point, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence, planned
existence, or existential possibility of a Black LHT.

Seems like a lot of effort to not really say much... infer what you

If we were to introduce such a thing, theoretically it would be at
Frostbike, which is a tradeshow-like event. Happens in February."