Saturday, September 12, 2009

Surly Colors (Updated)

I've been curious about the color choices on the 2010 Surly Long Haul Truckers.

After seeing The Lazy Randoneer had a photo from Eurobike 09 of the new "snot colored" Pugsely frame, see last photo, I snooped around the net looking for other posted photos from Eurobike. I found another image on Minnapolis Bike Love.

It's hard to tell for sure, but I'd guess the first picture (from front to back) is of a black Steam Roller, dark brown Cross-Check with STI shifters and a Coleman green Pacer?

The picture below shows what appears to be a cherry Karate-Monkey, Park Tool Blue Long Haul Trucker and another Cross-Check.

I'll likely purchase A Long Haul Trucker when the new batch arrives from Taiwan. I'm not sure I like blue. I'm ok with any of the old colors. Also What's with the big LHT with 26" wheels? I've read that there will be a 700c option too.

I also wonder if the European bikes are the same as the American bikes. I know companies offer continent specific models. My old Giant XTC-II purchased in Asia had different colors than the Same bike sold in the US.


queasyfish said...

Is that darker brown color a new LHT color, or just the blue? - I'd get that if it is. I definitely don't like the blue. I mean, it's fine, just not on my bike. I'd rather have black.

I'd like to see the Pugsley color in person, seems like Jared's looks different when you actually see it.k

Heath said...

I updated some info on the models and colors shown. I'd appreciate any feedback on black bike just below of and in front of the Long Haul Trucker. I'm not sure what it is. It looks like it has a long name, but I can't read it.

queasyfish said...

The top black bike is a Steamroller, the bottom black bike is a Cross-Check.

Anonymous said...

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