Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ethiopia DP Haile Selassie Sidamo

I just placed a 10lb order of green Halie Selassie Sidamo beans from Sweet Maria's. Foremost, this is an outstanding coffee from where coffee drinking originated. It's fruity, coffey goodness. The description below is far more articulate than I regarding flavor attributes.

This coffee also conjures memories of how and why I started roasting coffee. As I recall my brother Jared learn to roast coffee from a Rastafari man living in the mountains of Jamaica. Upon his return to Minnesota Jared showed me how simple of a process it is. Halie Selassie Sidamo is connected to this experience through the Rastafari worship of Selassie, Ethiopia's former leader, as God incarnate on Earth.
After I started home roasting, I learned, from Jared again, about a stunning coffee from the Harar region of Ethiopia. This coffee also had a fruity blueberry finish to it. And was of course linked to Ethiopia again. Also noteworthy is that my father was living in Ethiopia during this time period as well. This coffee is like going back and having a first date with my favorite high school sweetheart again. It reminds me of why I love roasting coffee.
Country: Ethiopia
Grade: 3
Region: Dara Woreda, Sidamo
Mark: Haile Selassie
Processing: Dry Process
Crop: November 2009 Arrival (GrainPro-Lined Bags)
Appearance: 1.2 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Varietal: Local Heirloom Types
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Bold intensity / Dried fruits, spice, body.
Roast: City+ roast will look awfully uneven, but has the most intense fruited notes. FC has the best balance of body and fruit, FC+ is full of intense anise/licorice/cardamom flavors.
Compare to: A very cleanly fruited take on dry-process coffees of Ethiopia (Harar and Sidamo)


Jared said...

MMMMM I need to order some of that before you buy it all.

Jared said...

Although I generally don't trust a thing you say I did just buy 10lbs of this coffee.

Heath said...

Thank you. I hope you hate it. That way I can tell you about how good it was.