Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Long Haul Trucker Rolls Again

The LHT's a harbinger of Spring. I boasted last fall that I would ride this in the winter, saying "it's made to be ridden." But, just couldn't bring myself to ride it in the corrosive sludge of snow, dirt and salt.

Fortunately the Sun's increasing intensity has cleaned up the roads in my part of the city. Yesterday the temp. stayed well below freezing, high teens, yet liquid water ran across the road and puddled in multiple locations on my commute home. Further, the Sun's now up enough in the morning, so I can easily see and avoid the mini-ice rinks and ice flows solidified from the melt water after the Sun went down the night before.

The old Trek 950 with its WTB All-Terrain-asaurus tires has done well in snow and rides nicely on pavement. But, jumping to 700 wheels and road tires, 37mm Conti-Contacts, on the LHT felt buttery smooth and noticeably faster.

I expect to fall back to the 950 again for some trips until Springs' inevitable return.

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