Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back Yard Rabbits 4 Days Old/Here's the Hassenpfeffer

We've continued to keep an eye on the rabbit's nest in our back yard. The mother rabbit comes at about 7pm to feed the babies and again sometime in the morning. Claire is holding one of the kittens in the top picture; Harris has one in the lower picture.

In case anyone is worried, rabbits do not reject her babies if they've been touched by people. In fact she came shortly after we handled the kittens today. No bunnies were hurt in the production of this post. But, I do like rabbit meat.

These rabbits in the yard have me reflecting on a most famous rabbit. Using my best Yosemite Sam voice (which is not very good), I asked the kids "Where's my hassenpfeffer?" If you don't get the hassenpfeffer comment, watch the video.

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