Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cattails taste like .......

While enjoying ourselves at the lake near Nevis, MN last weekend, we had a chance to sample cattails.

The kids had pulled some young stalks from the edge of the dock in order to do some weaving and to make a boat. Remembering that these stalks were edible, I pulled the Swiss Army knife out slicing a dime sized disc of the end. It tasted strangely familiar, but I didn't know what it reminded me of. I let the kids try some too. Harris said, "dad, it tastes like cucumbers."

He nailed it cucumbers with the slightest hint of leek. They were really good. I'd like to try them with onions in a creamy vinegar sauce, or as an addition to a salad.

This is not the sort of edible, but taste like crap, for survival only food; it is one I will seek out for its own culinary merit. The photo below shows what the tender shoot looks like. Next, I want to try stinging nettles.

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