Saturday, June 19, 2010

Traditional Archery Shoot 2010

I keep an eye out for this event every year. It was different without Q and Steve.
Only foam animals were hurt making this blog post.
Jared and I went for head shots on the Mandrill.
Hakuna Matata.

The green arrows in the first picture and this throwing hatchet are my Father's Day presents.
It was a great day.



queasyfish said...

Nice. Why didn't we go all together?

SeanH said...

That's not a baboon, it is a Mandril. Well I guess technically it is neither, but you get my point.

Heath said...

Thank you for the primate taxonomy update. I knew that it wasn't a baboon, but couldn't come up with mandrill. Wikipedia says that mandrill were once classified as baboons.

I'd rather now the truth than be right. It's good to learn.