Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Up Standing Company

To make a long story short, I purchased an Ultimate repair stand about 5 years ago. A clamp failed, catastrophically, causing my bike to fall and break one of the tripod legs. Bummer, despite being at least two years past its warranty date I tried to contact Ultimate only to find that they have been purchased by Feedback Sports.

Not feeling optomistic, I contacted Feedback Sports by email, I was told that I could either buy just the broken parts for about $20 bucks or get a new and improved replacement tripod for $45 on which I could mount my original clamp arm. The replacement stand was heavily discounted from retail. I was pleased with this as my warranty was up, and as a new stand is $150

$5 shipping + $45 and a few days later my stand is back in action with the new tripod.

They could have told me too bad my warranty is up. They could have told me they are not responsible for Ultimate's issues. Instead they were cool and fair to work with. Way to go Feedback!

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