Friday, October 8, 2010

"Church of Heath" Made NPR Talk of the Nation

My sister emailed one of my quotes to NPR's Talk of the Nation hosted by Neal Conan on Oct. 6th. Conan was speaking with Michael Kransy, an agnostic, on his memoir Spiritual Envy. Below is the transcript of how they closed the show.

CONAN: We'll end with the Church of Heath. This is sent to us from Christine(ph) on email: Don't be stupid. Be polite. Sometimes it's stupid to be polite. So those are the rules that she came up with, her code. [here's a link to entire transcript]

They erroneously thought I was a women, but that's ok 1/2 of the nicest people I know are female.


Jared said...

Very impressive Heath. I never told you how stupid I thought that quote was because I thought I should be polite. With your national recognition apparently I am the stupid one. And now not very polite either. Crap.

Anonymous said...