Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Water Boils at 207.1 In Twin Cities Today/ New Record Low Barometric Pressure = Cat 3 Hurricane

(Image and Text Stolen from MPR's Updraft Blog)

The deepest low pressure system on record continues to rage with fury over Minnesota.

The storm has already smashed the all time state record for the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded in Minnesota Tuesday.

The new final low pressure record will be subject to verification by climate gurus, but reliable observations of at least 28.20" were recorded by NWS weather stations in Orr and Big Fork in north central Minnesota during the 5pm hour Tuesday. As posted here earlier, these pressure readings are what we would expect to see in Category 3 hurricanes!

The previous record low barometric pressure in Minnesota was 28.43" in Austin & Albert Lea on November 10, 1998.

One of the local weather people spoke about pasta taking longer to cook today because of the low barometric pressure. I used this calculator to figure our our boiling temperature by entering both barometric pressure and elevation above sea level.

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