Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bike Season Continues

Saturday I hooked up with Q and Sean to mountain bike at Salem Hills just a couple of mile from home. Thanks for playing guide Sean. Fun place to ride with good flow.
Then my neighbor John and I did a quick overnight trip to Afton State Park. About 18 mile from home to campground. left shorty after 4pm, so the last hour or so of our ride was in the dark, blinkies flashing. Grabbed a Subway sandwich at the last sign of civilization, enjoyed a starry night and a fire. Woke up early to watch the sunrise over the St. Croix valley. The photo above is of the Trucker bathed in this light. Trip wasn't far but had some big climbs up Baily Hill and out of the park. Granny gear felt some love.

Today I rode to and from school in shorts. Not bad for the second week in Nov.

I'm posting this with my new micro laptop. Just picked up a little Acer from Costco for $299. So far I'm very pleased with the purchase. 1gig ram, 250gig hard drive and an Intel Atom processor N550. Puny 10" screen and very light. I'm digging the truly portable nature of it.


queasyfish said...
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Heath said...

I didn't delete your comments out of hate. I posted this link to Facebook and the comment kept showing up where I didn't want it to.

Polite of you to ask.