Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday White Ride (pics&vid)

The 950 looks puny but did quite well on the trail today. Jared and I met at the Bloomington Ferry Bridge and rode east. The sun, trail conditions and pleasant temperature rocked.


queasyfish said...

I know exactly where that last vid is taken. About 100 yards West of the tree-bridge heading towards it (back to the car). It's that brief more-open woods path after leaving the "Return of the Jedi" tight-trees, before you dive back into it again for that last rampage before the crossing, and the coming trail-end. Jared takes a fairly-hard right four bike-lengths after the video stops.

notice the crumbling cliff on the Right at the Left turn.

I couldn't have gone anyway but thanks for calling bitches. Just kidding. I'm getting out tomorrow too, can't wait.

Heath said...

No exclusion intended. We both got the green light and needed to make it happen fast. Where are you going? River Valley?

Anonymous said...

Who's that hot guy in the orange jacket? _susan