Saturday, February 26, 2011

Holy Grail of Cultural Knowledge

Tonight the family snuggled together on the couch to watch a Netflix movie via our Wii. This is a favorite activity for all of us. When we couldn't quickly find a mutually agreeable title, I suggested we watch Monty Python's Flying Circus. No loss if they didn't like it.

The show was a hit. I loved to hear the kids laugh at all of the right times. as we watched the first two episodes. But, the best part of the evening was telling stories about watching these same episodes as a teenager myself. Other topics of conversations started by the skits included Genghis Khan, the Gestapo, early 20th century artists, and why the British enjoy making fun of the french.

This night came to be a technologically enhanced 21st century equivalent to the ancients sitting around the campfire learning culture through oral traditions. I can't wait to share the lumberjack song and the story of the Holy Grail.

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