Saturday, February 12, 2011

Less Busy Now

The last several weeks have been a blur; I'm ready for a less frenetic pace. In addition to my regular work and family commitments, my high school ski team, Minnesota Youth Ski League Team and basement projects have kept me occupied. Not complaining; all are rewarding and largely a blast. Here are a few pictures showing what I've been up to lately.I don't have a before, but here is a during and after picture of my basement project. I tore out a room move lots of stuff prior to tearing up the floor. I hired a plumber, carpenter and electrician, but spent lots of time coordinating their work, , insulating, getting materials, hauling stuff to the dump, tapping drywall and painting.

Here's part of my Minnesota Youth Ski League group. I started this program last year for Claire and Harris and as a feeder program for my high school team. The snowmobile the kids are sitting on was another project in itself. We purchased it new in Dec. to keep the trails groomed for both ski groups. Fund-raising and grooming our ski-course came along with getting the sled.

I started working with my high school team in Nov. We'll finish up with our awards banquet next Tuesday. Groomed trails helped the kids improve and have fun.

Ling-Hui did, however, just fly off to Taiwan for the next two weeks. I wouldn't have made it as a single parent, albeit temporary, a month ago.

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queasyfish said...

wow, bathroom looks good.