Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flying a Kite for Winter Fun

I've recently acquired a new toy. It's a hq Rush4 350pro trainer kite. Once proficient, I hope to be using it to pull me and my skis along frozen lakes. I've had several practice session and am reading the trainer kite guide. Probally would have been safer to read first, as this is not a toy. On windier days I've been pulled scrambling forward using all my might to control it. It is reportedly suitable for winds from 5-24 mph. Check out the video below to see what stronger winds look like. My kite is the next size up, but so am I.

I'm excited about this because it will make cold windy Minnesota days something to look forward to.

HQ Power Kites Big Jump | Rush 3 Pro Trainer Kite Test from Power Kites on Vimeo.

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