Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Myself Hooked Up

I wanted a trailer hitch installed on my truck. Calling around I found that I'd be looking about $350 for the hitch and wiring harness installed. Not too much money, but I'm always looking to save. I discovered that I could order a hitch and harness online from etrailer and have my local rental store install it. This plan would save me about $100.

Turns out my shop is too busy putting snow plows on to install my hitch for the next couple weeks. So, last Saturday, I decided to DYI it. Found some online tutorial videos where I learned to disconnect and lower the rear exhaust system, expand the mounting holes and to use these nifty wires to thread the mounting bolts through the frame. Suppose to be a 40 minute job.

Three hours later, after buying a torque wrench and making a second trip out for the ball, I'm hauling. It's good to save a couple hundred bucks, but even better to feel like a manly self-sufficient guy in a Subaru Forester.


SeanH said...

Manly and Subaru in the same sentence ;)

Heath said...

Yes, that's the joke. I called it a truck too.