Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mississippi River Ride

 I've been looking at the exposed banks of the Mississippi each time I cross a bridge wondering if the receding water has created ribbons of fat bike goodness.  I had to try, so started took off riding below Sibley House on the East side of the river.  The first 100 meters was perfect until I came to a tree blocking the trail.  A quick hike-a-bike around the obstacle had me pedaling again.  Conditions began deteriorating.  More obstructions and wicked slippery mud made me claw my way up the bank to terra firma.
 Once on the bank 7' grasses surrounded me.  I used the bridge as a landmark to bash my way 100+ meters through dry swamp and snaring vines working up a sweat on this cool fall evening.
I felt great when I was back on the trail.  Dropping a few psi out of the tires made long stretches of sand feel fun and fast.  Twilight's onset brought my ride to an early end.  Next time I'll bring a light.

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