Saturday, September 29, 2012

Late-night Fatbike

Early day optimism told Jared and I it would be no problem leaving at 10pm for a fatbike ride.  As the time came, after a day of work and of meeting family obligations we were both feeling tired and reluctant to go out.

The full moon, our fat tires and the knowledge that we'd feel better once we started riding got us to the trail head.

As expected the ride energized us.  We attempted navigating by moonlight alone.  But, the bright spots between tree cast moon shadows weren't quite enough.  With lights on we saw multiple deer on the trail.  Erie eyes of still more deer glowed in the darkness as I scan back and forth in the woods with my head lamp.

I ended up glad to have ridden.  Experiences like this must be the source of my earlier optimism.

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