Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Night time roll around Salem Hills

Took off a little before 9pm for a Pugsley ride.  Round trip from home with one complete loop with an extra spin around the little loop is 10 miles on the nose.  Takes a bit over an hour.  One limiting factor on my speed is my ability to see.  I picked up an old NightRider helmet light from Craigslist.  Its 10 watts of power work, but are a limiting factor on my rides.

 I see about a 3' circle of light 20' feet in front of me as I roll the trail.  I'm forced to keep my eyes out in front of me.  I then let my body remember what I need to do ala zen.
 I have a Magicshine SSC-P7 1200 lumen light on the way.  These are supposed to be a good value at $57. Have to wait and see I guess.  My light is currently in Singapore.  Free shipping from China in 14-40 days.  I'm hoping for 14.
The light comes with handle bar mount and with a headlamp strap.  I hope to use it on some night ski runs as well.  This is very similar to Jared's light which has worked well for him.

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