Saturday, December 1, 2012

Few Images from Global Fatbike Day

 Jared and I took part in the Global Fatbike Day ride in Minneapolis today.  I have never seen 100 fat tires all in one place before.  We left from Minnehaha Park, rolled through Fort Snelling, crossed the river, dropped down to Sibley House, Cruised trails under 495 until we crossed the Cedar Bridge.  Once over the bridge we hugged the river until the 35W bridge.  The hammerhead's continued to Bloomington Ferry Bridge, but we turned back.  24.5 mile of fun with the bonus of riding some new trails.
Homemade bamboo fatie
 Rest stop after a stream crossing
 Hanging out at the Cedar Bridge.
 Puglsey along the new to me trail linking Cedar Bridge to 35WBridge 

 Creek crossing
 Notice the front fender I made this morning. It worked well.

As we were gathering to ride.


queasyfish said...

looks like Jared still wins for most stuff attached to your bike. that looks fun. was anyone not riding a fat bike? was there any terrain worthy of a fat bike? is a fat bike better anyway? maybe next year.

queasyfish said...

It looks like one of those desert racing motorcycles when I squint my eyes. And Jared himself looks like David Gilmour soloing.

Heath said...

Some regular mountain bikes, some half-fats. Could be done without fat tires, but there were several sand traps. Washed out a couple of times with fatties.

Jared said...

I really hope you and Sean get fat bikes. I think the amount of sand would be annoying but rideable on a regular mountain bike. On the fat bikes it is fun all the way. I love the freedom a fat bike gives to explore new areas. The Mississippi beach ride heath and I did a few weeks back was great. Part of my David Gilmour face is me chewing but I am looking old.

SeanH said...