Thursday, July 17, 2008

Off the Grid Shed

I wired up my shed today. I put in four indoor outlets, one outdoor outlet and a light with switch. I hooked the inverter to the battery and was able to run my fan, radio, lights and a drill at the same time. It worked really well. I took the kids to their soccer games, so I couldn't finish.

It was rewarding to do the wiring. More rewarding to see it work. Tomorrow I will mount the solar panel and run the leads to the battery. With the solar equipment keeping the the 12v battery charged,My solar shed will be done.

The panel and the inverter were on sale. $60 bucks for the pair, and $23 for other wiring supplies. I'm putting the new battery I paid $64 dollars for in our car. I will use the older one in the shed.

$147,which includes a new battery in the car, seems a reasonable total cost.
I will have spent about 5 hours total labor time. It has been more fun than work.


queasyfish said...

So I don't get it - did you run electric from the garage or did you set up outlets for solar power?

queasyfish said...

Oh wait. now I get it.

You set it up for solar and ran it with a battery (which the solar will recharge).


Jared said...
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