Thursday, November 13, 2008

09 Civic LX

Here's a photo of the new Honda. I'm hoping not to feel that impending car repair/ will I make it to my destination feeling while driving for some time. I've told Claire she will take this vehicle to college.

However, I have already had a problem. I returned home from the dealership tonight with a somewhat embarrassing story.

Last Saturday while eagerly driving my first new car home. I notice a slight pull to the right and a bit of a rough ride. The next day full of worry I checked air pressure and filled the tires to 40 PSI somewhat below the max 44 PSI listed on the sidewall. The pull to the right was from a low front right tire at 24 PSI. That problem solved, I still had a very rough and shaky ride. I made an appointment with the dealership feeling down about my new car with a problem.

I bragged about how I fixed the pulling problem by adding air. The service tech asked me how much air I put in. Next, he explained that 40 PSI was too much. He explained that the Civic recommended pressure is not listed on the tire.

When he checked the tires all four had 50 PSI. He explained that the pressure gauges on the gas station hoses are poorly calibrated. After letting out 18 PSI the car rode much better.

Still unsure, I asked to take out the test model for a spin. I did and realized that the ride problem came from me putting in too much air.

Everyone was very nice. Nobody made fun of me until after I left.


Jared said...

That is great car and am super happy for you and your family. That is my favorite sedan and I am totally jealous (in a good happy for you sort of way of course). I am a little sad to see you without a minivan. Getting your fendered bike, NOB trailer and all of your unpacked gear into the trunk will be a bit more challenging now. I have that Seris? Bones bike rack if you want it.

SeanH said...

Nice car. Is the proper tire inflation info on a sticker on the edge of the driver side door?

queasyfish said...

I remember you saying once that if you were young and single you would still drive a mini-van because they were soooo functional. I guess not eh?

It is going to be much harder for Jared to attend any cycling events without it though.

queasyfish said..., what's a car like that cost these days?

Mom to Mrs. Bingles and MyMy said...

Super car! You guys will love it & totally deserve the exposure to the new car smell. Jared told me about the transparent "bra" that came with it. Gotta love it.