Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Traumatic Stress,

Hi my name is Heath and I am a blogger. It has been 6 days since my last post.

I’m feeling anxious, like I must update my blog for its four faithful readers. I considered posting about a guy who can do a back flip in his wheel chair. I considered putting up more photos of my kids from Halloween. But these felt forced.

I’m always feel energized when I see one of the blogs I follow post something new. Blogs form connections and are new media for communication.

I feel stress to create a post. Not just to post for others, but to live enough to find something that is worthy to post; something I can look back on in a year and re-enjoy.

Post traumatic stress is more a desire to live enough to have something worth posting than it is to have something to post for others.


Jared said...

Just so John doesn't feel like he is the only one to rip on your posts I thought I would step into the uninvited negative commenter role. I also must defend jargon you used from my profession.
Calling your feelings of pressure to post and guilt about not posting "Anxiety and PTSD" is about as accurate a description for your experience as calling your experience "procrastinating English as a second language." Anxiety is a generalized fear which I am not getting from you but rather an unpleasant emotion about not posting. And more importantly PTSD is a disorder characterized by intrusive and distressing thoughts and memories of a past traumatic event such as rape or war. I know some of Johns comments about your posts have been harsh but PTSD? Either way I like your posts very much and this is not an invite to rip my blog because I dish it out much better than I take it and if you did rip my blog I may develop PTSD;) Jared

queasyfish said...

Why do I feel like I did something wrong? - I didn't say shit.

I do agree with Jared though; using "punny" metaphors without a master's degree in the subject matter, is as ill-advised as athletic-oriented blog icons for lazy people.

And worse even, it encourages long, boring responses.

Jared said...

Wow, after John's response to my comment I now also have Q related "post comment traumatic stress disorder." I guess I will from now on keep to the supportive type of comment and let John do all the ripping.

queasyfish said...

now I feel like I walked into a set-up...

Jared said...

You can never trust an Anders(s)on.