Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Favorite Molecule

I'm still f-ing sick. Turns out my common cold was a pilot fish for the man eating shark that's got me down. (See previous post if confused) I went to the doctor on Monday where I was bled, asked to pay heaps of money and was exposed to x-rays. The doctor concluded from this time and expense that I'm sick, but he isn't sure why.

Finally, today, after being sick for two more days, I am prescribed Zithromax, pictured above in molecular form, to treat pneumonia. I needed to be sick long enough to prove what the costly tests couldn't. I did better treating myself in Taiwan with Web MD in English and my local pharmacy in Chinese. As for antibiotic resistance, much of the world buys these meds without a prescription while we are forced to wait.

Where's our health care reform? Something like Canada's system can't be worse. Bad care would be cheaper under their system anyway. $1,600 per month plus co-pays for this?

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Jared said...

So sorry you are sick.
Hope you don't die.