Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raged by a Machine, Again

For the second time this week a road raged idiot went nuts screaming, swearing and flipping me off today. This guy, in a maroon Chevy Lumina, freaked, fumed and frothed because I rolled through a stop sign although I didn't interfere with him or any other drivers.

My kind smile and peace sign approach to his middle finger seemed to make him even angrier. He actually stopped twice in the middle of the road holding up traffic to rant.

This episode reminded me of a bumper sticker, shown above, observed on a car parked at the Shockspital. I think there's something it's approach.

I wonder why I haven't had issues all winter, then I do twice in the week that the snow melts off the road. Do these people have pent up anger from the winter, or are they afraid that the cyclist's will take over their roads. Maybe they feel they can stop bikers now if they're assertive enough?

I find it easier to deal with such people if I can see why they act the way they do. Other suggestions why people act this way?


queasyfish said...

Here's what you do next time: While making eye contact with the driver, make an O with your mouth and pump your closed fist up and down a few times - the "air BJ" is both offensive and confusing - guaranteed to send any redneck over the top.

Jared said...

So then what does Heath do when the redneck offers him $20?