Monday, March 8, 2010

Some People

Riding home from work today, I was buzzed and shouted at by two young ignoramuses in a black Chevy pick-up, the idiot vehicle of choice. Last week, I saw a similar black truck purposely swerve over to hit a big puddle to soak a guy waiting for a bus. It may have been the same driver. Why don't Toyota or Honda drivers act this way?

Anyway, I see the offending truck pull into a bank ATM a couple of blocks ahead, so I catch up to them. I wheel over to politely asked them why they shouted. Not surprisingly I'm met with a litany of homophobic slurs and threats. Haters hate with limited imagination.

Seeing reason was beyond them, I jot down their license plate and called it in. The cop was very responsive and called me back after finding the driver. He let me know that this dimwitted duo will think twice before doing something similar again.

The cop cautioned me about riding up to such drivers. But, I think appropriate, sane engagement of such people will improve my lot on the streets.

A near prefect match of the offending vehicle.


queasyfish said...

Maybe you should get a NASCAR sticker for your helmet - so you don't offend your neighbors quite so much with your non-motorized transportation.

It took me a second look at that first pic to get it - nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the cop actually did something...reminds me when you got hit by a big cup of soda...while we were on our big ride near the refinery. What idiots

Heath said...

Funny you should mention this. I just told that story at lunch today.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed the same thing about "offending vehicles". It, also, is always a Chevy P/U truck and where I am it is always white in color. All other drivers of other makes of P/U trucks seem to give me no flack. I think it's because of all the P/U trucks out there, a used Chevy is the cheapest and in turn attracts more knuckleheads.