Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

The bad news is my spring break started with my furnace breaking, dead. The good news is I have tax refund money to pay for it, and there are heaps of rebates and tax credits around. The weather has been a huge help too. Despite not having heat for about 5 days now, our little space heater has kept the whole house comfortable.

New furnace will be installed tomorrow. Just in time for super nice weather.

Since it's suppose to be in the 70's with lows in the 50's, the kids and I are doing our first bike camping trip of the year Wed. We'll drive to Faribult and ride to Sakatah State Park, 13 miles each way. After camping for the night we'll ride back.

These pictures are from an 08 and an 09 trip to the same park. It's fun to look at them again. I notice that none of our rides will be the same. The bmx touring bike, Fuji and blue Aerostar will be replace with Harris' 24"wheel Caliente, Claire's 13" frame Trek 930 and my Long Haul Trucker. I'm planning to drive the Camry pulling the homemade bike utility trailer.

Harris and I have good pannier racks. I'm thinking of having Claire throw the seat post rack on and pull the "Nob" trailer. I thought we could load it with light bulky things. If it gets too hard, I can hook it to my bike. She thinks it will be fun to pull. More later.


queasyfish said...

I know there is a 1500 tax credit available and a couple hundred in rebates from your utility company, but to get any serious government money you have to get a High Efficiency unit. What did you get?

Did you need an asbestos abatement?

Heath said...

Carrier 96% efficient with dual stage burner and variable speed fan that runs on DC for even less electricity use.

We had it running. Super quiet. No asbestos.