Monday, July 12, 2010

Looking Forward to the Anderson/Corey Tour III

2008 Tour Pictures.

Trek 930 bike for 2009.

More Pictures later.


queasyfish said...

You know about Richard Cory right? I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying be careful.

Heath said...

So on we pedaled and wished to be light,

And hated our seat and cursed our rears,

And John Cory, one calm summer night,

Went home and stripped all his gears.

Jared said...

Ella will be getting a new (to her) bike next year. Keep hour eyes and mind out for options allowing us to join you and Q's girls for a dad/daughter and Harris tour at some point.

queasyfish said...

and stripped all his gears - Very nice Heath. I'm down Jared.