Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Somali Goat Starts Anderson Tour

Harris and I arrived in Wilmar needing food before we headed out on the trail. Knowing that Wilmar has a large Somali immigrant population, we decided to try Somali food. Asking a group of Somali men on the street brought us t0 Bihi's Shop of African Food. As we walked in the door the place was almost empty. Every seat seemed to have the same tear running through the middle of the aged vinyl cover. It was old, run-down, and not very clean. We learned that the bathroom was out of order, so we were invited to the kitchen to wash our hands with an empty soap dispenser. We ordered without the aid of a menu. I had no idea what we were getting or how much it was costing.

This photo is a close approximation of what showed up. The goat and rice were incredible. Harris and I dug in, but couldn't eat all of what we were given. I asked a woman coming out of the kitchen if she was the cook, and complimented her on her goat especially. She perked up and said that goat was only as good as the cook. She proceeded to bring us a freshly cooked piece of chicken that was equally tasty. Our bill including food, bottled water and a banana was $8.

I learned that business was slow because of an event at the mosque. The kitchen was busy preparing a buffet for when everyone showed up a bit later. I'm glad I didn't judge this place too quickly. I'm also proud to have a son who thinks it's cool to load up on goat before a long ride.

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