Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Long Haul Trucker Decals.

My Long Haul Trucker's decals have been falling off lately. This sort of bummed me out, so I contacted Surly. Here's how they have handled the issue in less than 18 hours.

I sent:
Surly People, My 2009, Truckaccino, LHT makes me happy every time I ride it. While I value the no-frills quality of the bike, I was disappointed to see that my decals are falling off when I ride it in the rain. I've owned lots of bikes over the years; this is the first time I've had this issue. Any idea why this is happening? Any chance you can hook me up with another set of decals with better adherence?
Surly Replied:
Our decals are finicky to say the least, the reason they peel so easily on some frames is unknown to me. My Steamroller, for instance, is about 7 years old and the decals are incredibly tenacious. We put our decals over the powder coat and do not clear coat, for some this is choice because they wanted a bike with no decals in the first place, well to others like yourself it is a bummer. I will will gladly supply you with another set if you would kindly provide me with your address and decal color you need (black or white).

I Replied:
Thanks for the quick response. My decals are black, and my mailing address is XXXXXXX
Surly Replied:
Decal set on the way. Please follow the attached instructions for step by step removal and installations.

I do like the idea of going sans decal. I'm thinking I will keep the new decal set for a later date. Way to go Surly; how refreshing to have a problem solved quickly and easily.

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